Derek Dirksen - Golf Course Shaping

Derek Dirksen - Golf Course ShapingDerek Dirksen - Golf Course Shaping

What is a golf course shaper?

A golf course shaper turns the architects plans and design concepts into reality.  A highly skilled operator with creativity and a vision for design.  An abstract artist more than an earth mover. The earth is the canvas and the dozer is the paint brush.  He must be able to communicate with all parties on site (architect, owners, project managers, general contractor, and subcontractors). This is crucial to achieve the desired look.  The finished product should look and feel like it has always been there

A good shaper is a vital asset to the construction process.  Not only does he spend time on the dozer he helps to manage clearing, mass earth works, feature prep, and final feature lines (tees, greens, and bunkers).  He knows when time and detail are needed, and when speed is crucial.  I have done all aspects of golf course construction from a rake all the way up to shaping.  Having come up from the bottom of this industry I can appreciate how much you can get done with a dozer.  A good shaper can assist everyone behind him by proper finishing and clean up of every hole.


Services offered

- All aspects of shaping
- Design build
- Work directly with club and or superintendents    crew in renovations

- All finishing including:
    - Greens

     - Tees

     - Bunkers

     - Fairways

- Management of:

     - Clearing

     - Surveying

     - Mass earth works

     - Drainage

     - Grassing